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JavaTM 2 Platform Std. Ed. v1.4.2

Interface ServantManagerOperations

All Known Subinterfaces:
ServantActivator, ServantActivatorOperations, ServantLocator, ServantLocatorOperations, ServantManager
All Known Implementing Classes:
_ServantActivatorStub, _ServantLocatorStub, ServantActivatorPOA, ServantLocatorPOA

public interface ServantManagerOperations

A servant manager supplies a POA with the ability to activate objects on demand when the POA receives a request targeted at an inactive object. A servant manager is registered with a POA as a callback object, to be invoked by the POA when necessary. ServantManagers can either be ServantActivators or ServantLocators. A ServantManager object must be local to the process containing the POA objects it is registered with.

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