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JavaTM 2 Platform Std. Ed. v1.6.0

Annotation Type PreDestroy

public @interface PreDestroy

The PreDestroy annotation is used on methods as a callback notification to signal that the instance is in the process of being removed by the container. The method annotated with PreDestroy is typically used to release resources that it has been holding. This annotation MUST be supported by all container managed objects that support PostConstruct except the application client container in Java EE 5. The method on which the PreDestroy annotation is applied MUST fulfill all of the following criteria - - The method MUST NOT have any parameters except in the case of EJB interceptors in which case it takes an InvocationContext object as defined by the EJB specification. - The return type of the method MUST be void. - The method MUST NOT throw a checked exception. - The method on which PreDestroy is applied MAY be public, protected, package private or private. - The method MUST NOT be static. - The method MAY be final. - If the method throws an unchecked exception it is ignored except in the case of EJBs where the EJB can handle exceptions.

Common Annotations 1.0
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