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The Java 2 SDK, Standard Edition, contains two implementations of the Java virtual machine (VM).
Java HotSpot Client VM
The Java HotSpot Client VM is the default virtual machine of the Java 2 SDK and Java 2 Runtime Environment. As its name implies, it is tuned for best performance when running applications in a client environment by reducing application start-up time and memory footprint.

Java HotSpot Server VM
The Java HotSpot Server VM is designed for maximum program execution speed for applications running in a server environment. The Java HotSpot Server VM is invoked by using the -server command-line option when launching an application, as in
java -server MyApp

Some features of Java HotSpot technology, common to both VM implementations, are the following.

New Features and Changes

The following are some of the recently added features in the Java HotSpot VMs.

Enhancements in J2SE 1.4.2:

Enhancements in J2SE 1.4.1:

Enhancements in J2SE 1.4.0:

Command-Line Options

Some operating characteristics of the Java HotSpot VM can be controlled by the use of command-line flags. The command-line options supported by the Java HotSpot VMs are described on the reference pages for the Java application launcher (Microsoft Windows | Solaris Operating Environment | Linux). Non-standard options recognized by the current implementations of the VMs, but not necessarily by future or non-Sun implementations, are described on the Java HotSpot VM Options web page.

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