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The JavaTM 2 SDK contains a demos directory that includes applets, applications, and sample code that demonstrate various features of the Java 2 Platform. The available demos are described in the following sections.


The applet demos are located in the Java 2 SDK's demo/applets directory. To run the applets, use the appletviewer or your web browser to open the file named example1.html in each of the applets' subdirectories. The demo applets are also available on the web site, and links to the online applets are provided below.

Applets can run in AppletViewer or in web browers when the JavaTM Plug-in product is installed. The AppletViewer is provided with the Java 2 SDK, Standard Edition, in the SDK's bin directory. For information about how to use the AppletViewer and other SDK tools, see Java 2 SDK Tools and Utilities.

JFC Applications and Applets

These applications and applets, located in the Java 2 SDK's demo/jfc directory, demonstrate Swing and Java 2DTM technology.

Java Platform Debugger Architecture

The demo/jpda/examples.jar file in the SDK contains JPDA examples, including source code for the jdb Java Debugger and the prototype javadt GUI debugger.

The Poller Demo (SolarisTM Operating Environment only)

This demo, located in the Java 2 SDK's demo/jni/Poller directory, demonstrates access to the input/output multiplexing functionality from the Java programming language. See the Solaris poll man page.

Java Secure Socket Extension (JSSE) Demo

This demo, located in the Java 2 SDK's demo/jsse directory, contains sample code that illustrates the use of the Java 2 Platform's JSSE functionality can be used to secure communications in the Java network environment.

Additional Applications and Applets

Additional applets and applications may be found at:

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