Using the HTML Converter to Convert Applet Tags for Java Plug-in

The Java Plug-in HTML Converter is a utility for converting an HTML page (file) containing applets to a format for Java Plug-in. The conversion process is as follows:
First, HTML that is not part of an applet is transferred from the source file to a temporary file.  Then, when an <APPLET> tag is reached, the converter parses the applet to the first </APPLET> tag (not contained in quotes) and merges the applet data with the template. (See Details about templates in the section called More About HTML Converter for more information.) If this completes without error, the original HTML file is moved to the backup folder and the temporary file is then renamed as the original file's name. 

The converter effectively converts the files in place.  Thus, once the converter runs, files are setup for Java Plug-in.

For detailed information about installing and using the HTML Converter, see More About HTML Converter.