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JavaTM 2 Platform Std. Ed. v1.4.2

Interface InitialContextFactoryBuilder

public interface InitialContextFactoryBuilder

This interface represents a builder that creates initial context factories.

The JNDI framework allows for different initial context implementations to be specified at runtime. An initial context is created using an initial context factory. A program can install its own builder that creates initial context factories, thereby overriding the default policies used by the framework, by calling NamingManager.setInitialContextFactoryBuilder(). The InitialContextFactoryBuilder interface must be implemented by such a builder.

See Also:
InitialContextFactory, NamingManager.getInitialContext(java.util.Hashtable), NamingManager.setInitialContextFactoryBuilder(javax.naming.spi.InitialContextFactoryBuilder), NamingManager.hasInitialContextFactoryBuilder(), InitialContext, InitialDirContext

Method Summary
 InitialContextFactory createInitialContextFactory(Hashtable environment)
          Creates an initial context factory using the specified environment.

Method Detail


public InitialContextFactory createInitialContextFactory(Hashtable environment)
                                                  throws NamingException
Creates an initial context factory using the specified environment.

The environment parameter is owned by the caller. The implementation will not modify the object or keep a reference to it, although it may keep a reference to a clone or copy.

environment - Environment used in creating an initial context implementation. Can be null.
A non-null initial context factory.
NamingException - If an initial context factory could not be created.

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