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JavaTM 2 Platform Std. Ed. v1.4.2

Interface MultiDocPrintJob

All Superinterfaces:

public interface MultiDocPrintJob
extends DocPrintJob

Obtained from a MultiDocPrintService, a MultiDocPrintJob can print a specified collection of documents as a single print job with a set of job attributes.

Method Summary
 void print(MultiDoc multiDoc, PrintRequestAttributeSet attributes)
          Print a MultiDoc with the specified job attributes.
Methods inherited from interface javax.print.DocPrintJob
addPrintJobAttributeListener, addPrintJobListener, getAttributes, getPrintService, print, removePrintJobAttributeListener, removePrintJobListener

Method Detail


public void print(MultiDoc multiDoc,
                  PrintRequestAttributeSet attributes)
           throws PrintException
Print a MultiDoc with the specified job attributes. This method should only be called once for a given print job. Calling it again will not result in a new job being spooled to the printer. The service implementation will define policy for service interruption and recovery. Application clients which want to monitor the success or failure should register a PrintJobListener.

multiDoc - The documents to be printed. ALL must be a flavor supported by the PrintJob & PrintService.
attributes - The job attributes to be applied to this print job. If this parameter is null then the default attributes are used.
PrintException - The exception additionally may implement an interfaces which more precisely describes the cause of the exception
  • FlavorException. If the document has a flavor not supported by this print job.
  • AttributeException. If one or more of the attributes are not valid for this print job.

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