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JavaTM 2 Platform Std. Ed. v1.4.2

Interface DomainManagerOperations

All Known Subinterfaces:

public interface DomainManagerOperations

Provides the DomainManager with the means to access policies.

The DomainManager has associated with it the policy objects for a particular domain. The domain manager also records the membership of the domain and provides the means to add and remove members. The domain manager is itself a member of a domain, possibly the domain it manages. The domain manager provides mechanisms for establishing and navigating relationships to superior and subordinate domains and creating and accessing policies.

Method Summary
 Policy get_domain_policy(int policy_type)
          This returns the policy of the specified type for objects in this domain.

Method Detail


public Policy get_domain_policy(int policy_type)
This returns the policy of the specified type for objects in this domain. The types of policies available are domain specific. See the CORBA specification for a list of standard ORB policies.

policy_type - Type of policy to request

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