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Interface DConfigBeanRoot

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public interface DConfigBeanRoot
extends DConfigBean

A J2EE component module consists of one or more deployment descriptor files and zero or more non-deployment descriptor XML instance documents. A module must contain a component-specific deployment descriptor file (see the component specification for details). It may contain one or more secondary deployment descriptor files that define extra functionality on the component and zero or more non-deployment descriptor XML instance documents (see the Web Services specification).

The DConfigBeanRoot object is a deployment configuration bean (DConfigBean) that is associated with the root of the component's deployment descriptor. It must be created by calling the DeploymentConfiguration.getDConfigBean(DDBeanRoot) method, where DDBeanRoot represents the component's deployment descriptor.

A DConfigBean object is associated with a deployment descriptor that extends a component's functionality. It must be created by calling the DConfigBeanRoot.getDConfigBean(DDBeanRoot) method. This DConfigBean object is a child of the compontent's DConfigBeanRoot object. The DDBeanRoot argument represents the secondary deployment descriptor. Deployment descriptor files such as webservice.xml and webserviceclient.xml are examples of secondary deployment descriptor files.

The server plugin must request a DDBeanRoot object for any non-deployment descriptor XML instance document data it requires. The plugin must call method DeployableObject.getDDBeanRoot(String) where String is the full path name from the root of the module to the file to be represented. A WSDL file is an example of a non-deployment descriptor XML instance document.


Method Summary
 DConfigBean getDConfigBean(DDBeanRoot ddBeanRoot)
          Return a DConfigBean for a deployment descriptor that is not the module's primary deployment descriptor.
Methods inherited from interface javax.enterprise.deploy.spi.DConfigBean
addPropertyChangeListener, getDConfigBean, getDDBean, getXpaths, notifyDDChange, removeDConfigBean, removePropertyChangeListener

Method Detail


DConfigBean getDConfigBean(DDBeanRoot ddBeanRoot)
Return a DConfigBean for a deployment descriptor that is not the module's primary deployment descriptor. Web services provides a deployment descriptor in addition to the module's primary deployment descriptor. Only the DDBeanRoot for this catagory of secondary deployment descriptors are to be passed as arguments through this method. Web service has two deployment descriptor files, one that defines the web service and one that defines a client of a web service. See the Web Service specificiation for the details.

ddBeanRoot - represents the root element of a deployment descriptor file.
a DConfigBean to be used for processing this deployment descriptor data. Null may be returned if no DConfigBean is required for this deployment descriptor.

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