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Interface Text

All Superinterfaces:
CharacterData, Node, Text

public interface Text
extends Node, Text

A representation of a node whose value is text. A Text object may represent text that is content or text that is a comment.

Method Summary
 boolean isComment()
          Retrieves whether this Text object represents a comment.
Methods inherited from interface javax.xml.soap.Node
detachNode, getParentElement, getValue, recycleNode, setParentElement, setValue
Methods inherited from interface org.w3c.dom.Text
getWholeText, isElementContentWhitespace, replaceWholeText, splitText
Methods inherited from interface org.w3c.dom.CharacterData
appendData, deleteData, getData, getLength, insertData, replaceData, setData, substringData

Method Detail


boolean isComment()
Retrieves whether this Text object represents a comment.

true if this Text object is a comment; false otherwise

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