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This package contains the core JAX-WS APIs.


Interface Summary
AsyncHandler<T> The AsyncHandler interface is implemented by clients that wish to receive callback notification of the completion of service endpoint operations invoked asynchronously.
Binding The Binding interface is the base interface for JAX-WS protocol bindings.
BindingProvider The BindingProvider interface provides access to the protocol binding and associated context objects for request and response message processing.
Dispatch<T> The Dispatch interface provides support for the dynamic invocation of a service endpoint operations.
LogicalMessage The LogicalMessage interface represents a protocol agnostic XML message and contains methods that provide access to the payload of the message.
Provider<T> Service endpoints may implement the Provider interface as a dynamic alternative to an SEI.
Response<T> The Response interface provides methods used to obtain the payload and context of a message sent in response to an operation invocation.
WebServiceContext A WebServiceContext makes it possible for a web service endpoint implementation class to access message context and security information relative to a request being served.

Class Summary
Endpoint A Web service endpoint.
Holder<T> Holds a value of type T.
Service Service objects provide the client view of a Web service.
WebServicePermission This class defines web service permissions.

Enum Summary
Service.Mode The orientation of a dynamic client or service.

Exception Summary
ProtocolException The ProtocolException class is a base class for exceptions related to a specific protocol binding.
WebServiceException The WebServiceException class is the base exception class for all JAX-WS API runtime exceptions.

Annotation Types Summary
BindingType The BindingType annotation is used to specify the binding to use for a web service endpoint implementation class.
RequestWrapper Used to annotate methods in the Service Endpoint Interface with the request wrapper bean to be used at runtime.
ResponseWrapper Used to annotate methods in the Service Endpoint Interface with the response wrapper bean to be used at runtime.
ServiceMode Used to indicate whether a Provider implementation wishes to work with entire protocol messages or just with protocol message payloads.
WebEndpoint Used to annotate the getPortName() methods of a generated service interface.
WebFault Used to annotate service specific exception classes to customize to the local and namespace name of the fault element and the name of the fault bean.
WebServiceClient Used to annotate a generated service interface.
WebServiceProvider Used to annotate a Provider implementation class.
WebServiceRef The WebServiceRef annotation is used to define a reference to a web service and (optionally) an injection target for it.
WebServiceRefs The WebServiceRefs annotation allows multiple web service references to be declared at the class level.

Package Description

This package contains the core JAX-WS APIs.

Java EE 5 SDK

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