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java.awt.print Provides classes and interfaces for a general printing API. 

Uses of PrinterException in java.awt.print

Subclasses of PrinterException in java.awt.print
 class PrinterAbortException
          The PrinterAbortException class is a subclass of PrinterException and is used to indicate that a user or application has terminated the print job while it was in the process of printing.
 class PrinterIOException
          The PrinterIOException class is a subclass of PrinterException and is used to indicate that an IO error of some sort has occurred while printing.

Methods in java.awt.print that throw PrinterException
 void PrinterJob.setPrintService(PrintService service)
          Associate this PrinterJob with a new PrintService.
abstract  void PrinterJob.print()
          Prints a set of pages.
 void PrinterJob.print(PrintRequestAttributeSet attributes)
          Prints a set of pages using the settings in the attribute set.
 int Printable.print(Graphics graphics, PageFormat pageFormat, int pageIndex)
          Prints the page at the specified index into the specified Graphics context in the specified format.

JavaTM 2 Platform
Std. Ed. v1.4.2

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