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Packages that use BeanContextChild
java.beans.beancontext Provides classes and interfaces relating to bean context. 

Uses of BeanContextChild in java.beans.beancontext

Subinterfaces of BeanContextChild in java.beans.beancontext
 interface BeanContext
           The BeanContext acts a logical hierarchical container for JavaBeans.
 interface BeanContextServices
           The BeanContextServices interface provides a mechanism for a BeanContext to expose generic "services" to the BeanContextChild objects within.

Classes in java.beans.beancontext that implement BeanContextChild
 class BeanContextChildSupport
           This is a general support class to provide support for implementing the BeanContextChild protocol.
 class BeanContextServicesSupport
           This helper class provides a utility implementation of the java.beans.beancontext.BeanContextServices interface.
 class BeanContextSupport
          This helper class provides a utility implementation of the java.beans.beancontext.BeanContext interface.

Fields in java.beans.beancontext declared as BeanContextChild
 BeanContextChild BeanContextChildSupport.beanContextChildPeer
          The BeanContext in which this BeanContextChild is nested.

Methods in java.beans.beancontext that return BeanContextChild
 BeanContextChild BeanContextProxy.getBeanContextProxy()
          Gets the BeanContextChild (or subinterface) associated with this object.
protected static BeanContextChild BeanContextSupport.getChildBeanContextChild(Object child)
          Gets the BeanContextChild (if any) of the specified child
 BeanContextChild BeanContextChildSupport.getBeanContextChildPeer()
          Gets the BeanContextChild associated with this BeanContextChildSupport.

Methods in java.beans.beancontext with parameters of type BeanContextChild
 Object BeanContextServicesSupport.getService(BeanContextChild child, Object requestor, Class serviceClass, Object serviceSelector, BeanContextServiceRevokedListener bcsrl)
          obtain a service which may be delegated
 void BeanContextServicesSupport.releaseService(BeanContextChild child, Object requestor, Object service)
          release a service
 InputStream BeanContextSupport.getResourceAsStream(String name, BeanContextChild bcc)
 URL BeanContextSupport.getResource(String name, BeanContextChild bcc)
 Object BeanContextServices.getService(BeanContextChild child, Object requestor, Class serviceClass, Object serviceSelector, BeanContextServiceRevokedListener bcsrl)
          A BeanContextChild, or any arbitrary object associated with a BeanContextChild, may obtain a reference to a currently registered service from its nesting BeanContextServices via invocation of this method.
 void BeanContextServices.releaseService(BeanContextChild child, Object requestor, Object service)
          Releases a BeanContextChild's (or any arbitrary object associated with a BeanContextChild) reference to the specified service by calling releaseService() on the underlying BeanContextServiceProvider.
 InputStream BeanContext.getResourceAsStream(String name, BeanContextChild bcc)
          Analagous to java.lang.ClassLoader.getResourceAsStream(), this method allows a BeanContext implementation to interpose behavior between the child Component and underlying ClassLoader.
 URL BeanContext.getResource(String name, BeanContextChild bcc)
          Analagous to java.lang.ClassLoader.getResource(), this method allows a BeanContext implementation to interpose behavior between the child Component and underlying ClassLoader.

Constructors in java.beans.beancontext with parameters of type BeanContextChild
BeanContextChildSupport(BeanContextChild bcc)
          construct a BeanContextChildSupport where the JavaBean component itself implements BeanContextChild, and encapsulates this, delegating that interface to this implementation

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