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Packages that use UndoableEditListener
javax.swing.text Provides classes and interfaces that deal with editable and noneditable text components. 
javax.swing.undo Allows developers to provide support for undo/redo in applications such as text editors. 

Uses of UndoableEditListener in javax.swing.text

Methods in javax.swing.text that return UndoableEditListener
 UndoableEditListener[] AbstractDocument.getUndoableEditListeners()
          Returns an array of all the undoable edit listeners registered on this document.

Methods in javax.swing.text with parameters of type UndoableEditListener
 void AbstractDocument.addUndoableEditListener(UndoableEditListener listener)
          Adds an undo listener for notification of any changes.
 void AbstractDocument.removeUndoableEditListener(UndoableEditListener listener)
          Removes an undo listener.
 void Document.addUndoableEditListener(UndoableEditListener listener)
          Registers the given observer to begin receiving notifications when undoable edits are made to the document.
 void Document.removeUndoableEditListener(UndoableEditListener listener)
          Unregisters the given observer from the notification list so it will no longer receive updates.

Uses of UndoableEditListener in javax.swing.undo

Classes in javax.swing.undo that implement UndoableEditListener
 class UndoManager
          Concrete subclass of CompoundEdit which can serve as a UndoableEditListener, consolidating the UndoableEditEvents from a variety of sources, and undoing or redoing them one at a time.

Methods in javax.swing.undo that return UndoableEditListener
 UndoableEditListener[] UndoableEditSupport.getUndoableEditListeners()
          Returns an array of all the UndoableEditListeners added to this UndoableEditSupport with addUndoableEditListener().

Methods in javax.swing.undo with parameters of type UndoableEditListener
 void UndoableEditSupport.addUndoableEditListener(UndoableEditListener l)
          Registers an UndoableEditListener.
 void UndoableEditSupport.removeUndoableEditListener(UndoableEditListener l)
          Removes an UndoableEditListener.

JavaTM 2 Platform
Std. Ed. v1.4.2

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