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Interface PolicyOperations

All Known Subinterfaces:
IdAssignmentPolicy, IdAssignmentPolicyOperations, IdUniquenessPolicy, IdUniquenessPolicyOperations, ImplicitActivationPolicy, ImplicitActivationPolicyOperations, LifespanPolicy, LifespanPolicyOperations, Policy, RequestProcessingPolicy, RequestProcessingPolicyOperations, ServantRetentionPolicy, ServantRetentionPolicyOperations, ThreadPolicy, ThreadPolicyOperations
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public interface PolicyOperations

Provides the operations for a Policy object.

Method Summary
 Policy copy()
          Returns a copy of the Policy object.
 void destroy()
          Destroys the Policy object.
 int policy_type()
          Returns the constant value that corresponds to the type of the policy object.

Method Detail


public int policy_type()
Returns the constant value that corresponds to the type of the policy object. The values of the policy objects are allocated by the OMG. New values for PolicyType should be obtained from the OMG by sending mail to In general the constant values that are allocated are defined in conjunction with the definition of the corresponding policy object.

the constant value that corresponds to the type of the policy object


public Policy copy()
Returns a copy of the Policy object. The copy does not retain any relationships that the policy had with any domain or object.

a copy of the Policy object


public void destroy()
Destroys the Policy object. It is the responsibility of the Policy object to determine whether it can be destroyed.

JavaTM 2 Platform
Std. Ed. v1.4.2

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