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Packages that use ImplicitActivationPolicyValue
org.omg.PortableServer Provides classes and interfaces for making the server side of your applications portable across multivendor ORBs. 

Uses of ImplicitActivationPolicyValue in org.omg.PortableServer

Fields in org.omg.PortableServer declared as ImplicitActivationPolicyValue
static ImplicitActivationPolicyValue ImplicitActivationPolicyValue.IMPLICIT_ACTIVATION
static ImplicitActivationPolicyValue ImplicitActivationPolicyValue.NO_IMPLICIT_ACTIVATION

Methods in org.omg.PortableServer that return ImplicitActivationPolicyValue
 ImplicitActivationPolicyValue ImplicitActivationPolicyOperations.value()
          specifies the policy value
static ImplicitActivationPolicyValue ImplicitActivationPolicyValue.from_int(int value)

Methods in org.omg.PortableServer with parameters of type ImplicitActivationPolicyValue
 ImplicitActivationPolicy POAOperations.create_implicit_activation_policy(ImplicitActivationPolicyValue value)
          These operations each return a reference to a policy object with the specified value.

JavaTM 2 Platform
Std. Ed. v1.4.2

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