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Packages that use CharacterCodingException
java.nio.charset Defines charsets, decoders, and encoders, for translating between bytes and Unicode characters. 

Uses of CharacterCodingException in java.nio.charset

Subclasses of CharacterCodingException in java.nio.charset
 class MalformedInputException
          Checked exception thrown when an input byte sequence is not legal for given charset, or an input character sequence is not a legal sixteen-bit Unicode sequence.
 class UnmappableCharacterException
          Checked exception thrown when an input character (or byte) sequence is valid but cannot be mapped to an output byte (or character) sequence.

Methods in java.nio.charset that throw CharacterCodingException
 CharBuffer CharsetDecoder.decode(ByteBuffer in)
          Convenience method that decodes the remaining content of a single input byte buffer into a newly-allocated character buffer.
 ByteBuffer CharsetEncoder.encode(CharBuffer in)
          Convenience method that encodes the remaining content of a single input character buffer into a newly-allocated byte buffer.
 void CoderResult.throwException()
          Throws an exception appropriate to the result described by this object.

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