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java.nio.charset Defines charsets, decoders, and encoders, for translating between bytes and Unicode characters. 

Uses of CoderResult in java.nio.charset

Fields in java.nio.charset declared as CoderResult
static CoderResult CoderResult.OVERFLOW
          Result object indicating overflow, meaning that there is insufficient room in the output buffer.
static CoderResult CoderResult.UNDERFLOW
          Result object indicating underflow, meaning that either the input buffer has been completely consumed or, if the input buffer is not yet empty, that additional input is required.

Methods in java.nio.charset that return CoderResult
 CoderResult CharsetDecoder.decode(ByteBuffer in, CharBuffer out, boolean endOfInput)
          Decodes as many bytes as possible from the given input buffer, writing the results to the given output buffer.
protected abstract  CoderResult CharsetDecoder.decodeLoop(ByteBuffer in, CharBuffer out)
          Decodes one or more bytes into one or more characters.
 CoderResult CharsetEncoder.encode(CharBuffer in, ByteBuffer out, boolean endOfInput)
          Encodes as many characters as possible from the given input buffer, writing the results to the given output buffer.
protected abstract  CoderResult CharsetEncoder.encodeLoop(CharBuffer in, ByteBuffer out)
          Encodes one or more characters into one or more bytes.
 CoderResult CharsetEncoder.flush(ByteBuffer out)
          Flushes this encoder.
 CoderResult CharsetDecoder.flush(CharBuffer out)
          Flushes this decoder.
protected  CoderResult CharsetEncoder.implFlush(ByteBuffer out)
          Flushes this encoder.
protected  CoderResult CharsetDecoder.implFlush(CharBuffer out)
          Flushes this decoder.
static CoderResult CoderResult.malformedForLength(int length)
          Static factory method that returns the unique object describing a malformed-input error of the given length.
static CoderResult CoderResult.unmappableForLength(int length)
          Static factory method that returns the unique result object describing an unmappable-character error of the given length.

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