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Packages that use Buffer
java.nio Defines buffers, which are containers for data, and provides an overview of the other NIO packages. 

Uses of Buffer in java.nio

Subclasses of Buffer in java.nio
 class ByteBuffer
          A byte buffer.
 class CharBuffer
          A character buffer.
 class DoubleBuffer
          A double buffer.
 class FloatBuffer
          A float buffer.
 class IntBuffer
          An int buffer.
 class LongBuffer
          A long buffer.
 class MappedByteBuffer
          A direct byte buffer whose content is a memory-mapped region of a file.
 class ShortBuffer
          A short buffer.

Methods in java.nio that return Buffer
 Buffer Buffer.clear()
          Clears this buffer.
 Buffer Buffer.flip()
          Flips this buffer.
 Buffer Buffer.limit(int newLimit)
          Sets this buffer's limit.
 Buffer Buffer.mark()
          Sets this buffer's mark at its position.
 Buffer Buffer.position(int newPosition)
          Sets this buffer's position.
 Buffer Buffer.reset()
          Resets this buffer's position to the previously-marked position.
 Buffer Buffer.rewind()
          Rewinds this buffer.

Java™ Platform
Standard Ed. 6

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