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Packages that use ShortBuffer
java.nio Defines buffers, which are containers for data, and provides an overview of the other NIO packages. 

Uses of ShortBuffer in java.nio

Methods in java.nio that return ShortBuffer
static ShortBuffer ShortBuffer.allocate(int capacity)
          Allocates a new short buffer.
abstract  ShortBuffer ShortBuffer.asReadOnlyBuffer()
          Creates a new, read-only short buffer that shares this buffer's content.
abstract  ShortBuffer ByteBuffer.asShortBuffer()
          Creates a view of this byte buffer as a short buffer.
abstract  ShortBuffer ShortBuffer.compact()
          Compacts this buffer  (optional operation).
abstract  ShortBuffer ShortBuffer.duplicate()
          Creates a new short buffer that shares this buffer's content.
 ShortBuffer ShortBuffer.get(short[] dst)
          Relative bulk get method.
 ShortBuffer ShortBuffer.get(short[] dst, int offset, int length)
          Relative bulk get method.
abstract  ShortBuffer ShortBuffer.put(int index, short s)
          Absolute put method  (optional operation).
abstract  ShortBuffer ShortBuffer.put(short s)
          Relative put method  (optional operation).
 ShortBuffer ShortBuffer.put(short[] src)
          Relative bulk put method  (optional operation).
 ShortBuffer ShortBuffer.put(short[] src, int offset, int length)
          Relative bulk put method  (optional operation).
 ShortBuffer ShortBuffer.put(ShortBuffer src)
          Relative bulk put method  (optional operation).
abstract  ShortBuffer ShortBuffer.slice()
          Creates a new short buffer whose content is a shared subsequence of this buffer's content.
static ShortBuffer ShortBuffer.wrap(short[] array)
          Wraps a short array into a buffer.
static ShortBuffer ShortBuffer.wrap(short[] array, int offset, int length)
          Wraps a short array into a buffer.

Methods in java.nio with parameters of type ShortBuffer
 int ShortBuffer.compareTo(ShortBuffer that)
          Compares this buffer to another.
 ShortBuffer ShortBuffer.put(ShortBuffer src)
          Relative bulk put method  (optional operation).

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Standard Ed. 6

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