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Standard Ed. 6
Class KeyRep

  extended by
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class KeyRep
extends Object
implements Serializable

Standardized representation for serialized Key objects.

Note that a serialized Key may contain sensitive information which should not be exposed in untrusted environments. See the Security Appendix of the Serialization Specification for more information.

See Also:
Key, KeyFactory, SecretKeySpec, X509EncodedKeySpec, PKCS8EncodedKeySpec, Serialized Form

Nested Class Summary
static class KeyRep.Type
          Key type.
Constructor Summary
KeyRep(KeyRep.Type type, String algorithm, String format, byte[] encoded)
          Construct the alternate Key class.
Method Summary
protected  Object readResolve()
          Resolve the Key object.
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Constructor Detail


public KeyRep(KeyRep.Type type,
              String algorithm,
              String format,
              byte[] encoded)
Construct the alternate Key class.

type - either one of Type.SECRET, Type.PUBLIC, or Type.PRIVATE
algorithm - the algorithm returned from Key.getAlgorithm()
format - the encoding format returned from Key.getFormat()
encoded - the encoded bytes returned from Key.getEncoded()
NullPointerException - if type is null, if algorithm is null, if format is null, or if encoded is null
Method Detail


protected Object readResolve()
                      throws ObjectStreamException
Resolve the Key object.

This method supports three Type/format combinations:

the resolved Key object
ObjectStreamException - if the Type/format combination is unrecognized, if the algorithm, key format, or encoded key bytes are unrecognized/invalid, of if the resolution of the key fails for any reason

Java™ Platform
Standard Ed. 6

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