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Class CurrencyNameProvider

  extended by java.util.spi.LocaleServiceProvider
      extended by java.util.spi.CurrencyNameProvider

public abstract class CurrencyNameProvider
extends LocaleServiceProvider

An abstract class for service providers that provide localized currency symbols for the Currency class. Note that currency symbols are considered names when determining behaviors described in the LocaleServiceProvider specification.


Constructor Summary
protected CurrencyNameProvider()
          Sole constructor.
Method Summary
abstract  String getSymbol(String currencyCode, Locale locale)
          Gets the symbol of the given currency code for the specified locale.
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Constructor Detail


protected CurrencyNameProvider()
Sole constructor. (For invocation by subclass constructors, typically implicit.)

Method Detail


public abstract String getSymbol(String currencyCode,
                                 Locale locale)
Gets the symbol of the given currency code for the specified locale. For example, for "USD" (US Dollar), the symbol is "$" if the specified locale is the US, while for other locales it may be "US$". If no symbol can be determined, null should be returned.

currencyCode - the ISO 4217 currency code, which consists of three upper-case letters between 'A' (U+0041) and 'Z' (U+005A)
locale - the desired locale
the symbol of the given currency code for the specified locale, or null if the symbol is not available for the locale
NullPointerException - if currencyCode or locale is null
IllegalArgumentException - if currencyCode is not in the form of three upper-case letters, or locale isn't one of the locales returned from getAvailableLocales().
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