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Packages that use OperationsException Provides the core classes for the Java Management Extensions. 

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Subclasses of OperationsException in
 class AttributeNotFoundException
          The specified attribute does not exist or cannot be retrieved.
 class InstanceAlreadyExistsException
          The MBean is already registered in the repository.
 class InstanceNotFoundException
          The specified MBean does not exist in the repository.
 class IntrospectionException
          An exception occurred during the introspection of an MBean.
 class InvalidAttributeValueException
          The value specified is not valid for the attribute.
 class ListenerNotFoundException
          The specified MBean listener does not exist in the repository.
 class MalformedObjectNameException
          The format of the string does not correspond to a valid ObjectName.
 class NotCompliantMBeanException
          Exception which occurs when trying to register an object in the MBean server that is not a JMX compliant MBean.
 class ServiceNotFoundException
          Represents exceptions raised when a requested service is not supported.

Methods in that throw OperationsException
 ObjectInputStream MBeanServer.deserialize(ObjectName name, byte[] data)
          Deprecated. Use getClassLoaderFor to obtain the appropriate class loader for deserialization.
 ObjectInputStream MBeanServer.deserialize(String className, byte[] data)
          Deprecated. Use MBeanServer.getClassLoaderRepository() to obtain the class loader repository and use it to deserialize.
 ObjectInputStream MBeanServer.deserialize(String className, ObjectName loaderName, byte[] data)
          Deprecated. Use getClassLoader to obtain the class loader for deserialization.

Java™ Platform
Standard Ed. 6

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