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Packages that use SSLSession
javax.naming.ldap Provides support for LDAPv3 extended operations and controls. Provides classes for the secure socket package. 

Uses of SSLSession in javax.naming.ldap

Methods in javax.naming.ldap that return SSLSession
abstract  SSLSession StartTlsResponse.negotiate()
          Negotiates a TLS session using the default SSL socket factory.
abstract  SSLSession StartTlsResponse.negotiate(SSLSocketFactory factory)
          Negotiates a TLS session using an SSL socket factory.

Uses of SSLSession in

Methods in that return SSLSession
 SSLSession HandshakeCompletedEvent.getSession()
          Returns the session that triggered this event.
abstract  SSLSession SSLSocket.getSession()
          Returns the SSL Session in use by this connection.
abstract  SSLSession SSLEngine.getSession()
          Returns the SSLSession in use in this SSLEngine.
 SSLSession SSLSessionBindingEvent.getSession()
          Returns the SSLSession into which the listener is being bound or from which the listener is being unbound.
 SSLSession SSLSessionContext.getSession(byte[] sessionId)
          Returns the SSLSession bound to the specified session id.

Methods in with parameters of type SSLSession
 boolean HostnameVerifier.verify(String hostname, SSLSession session)
          Verify that the host name is an acceptable match with the server's authentication scheme.

Constructors in with parameters of type SSLSession
HandshakeCompletedEvent(SSLSocket sock, SSLSession s)
          Constructs a new HandshakeCompletedEvent.
SSLSessionBindingEvent(SSLSession session, String name)
          Constructs a new SSLSessionBindingEvent.

Java™ Platform
Standard Ed. 6

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