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javax.print.attribute.standard Package javax.print.attribute.standard contains classes for specific printing attributes. 

Uses of PrinterStateReason in javax.print.attribute.standard

Fields in javax.print.attribute.standard declared as PrinterStateReason
static PrinterStateReason PrinterStateReason.CONNECTING_TO_DEVICE
          The printer has scheduled a job on the output device and is in the process of connecting to a shared network output device (and might not be able to actually start printing the job for an arbitrarily long time depending on the usage of the output device by other servers on the network).
static PrinterStateReason PrinterStateReason.COVER_OPEN
          One or more covers on the device are open.
static PrinterStateReason PrinterStateReason.DEVELOPER_EMPTY
          The device is out of developer.
static PrinterStateReason PrinterStateReason.DEVELOPER_LOW
          The device is low on developer.
static PrinterStateReason PrinterStateReason.DOOR_OPEN
          One or more doors on the device are open.
static PrinterStateReason PrinterStateReason.FUSER_OVER_TEMP
          The fuser temperature is above normal.
static PrinterStateReason PrinterStateReason.FUSER_UNDER_TEMP
          The fuser temperature is below normal.
static PrinterStateReason PrinterStateReason.INPUT_TRAY_MISSING
          One or more input trays are not in the device.
static PrinterStateReason PrinterStateReason.INTERLOCK_OPEN
          One or more interlock devices on the printer are unlocked.
static PrinterStateReason PrinterStateReason.INTERPRETER_RESOURCE_UNAVAILABLE
          An interpreter resource is unavailable (e.g., font, form).
static PrinterStateReason PrinterStateReason.MARKER_SUPPLY_EMPTY
          The device is out of at least one marker supply (e.g.
static PrinterStateReason PrinterStateReason.MARKER_SUPPLY_LOW
          The device is low on at least one marker supply (e.g.
static PrinterStateReason PrinterStateReason.MARKER_WASTE_ALMOST_FULL
          The device marker supply waste receptacle is almost full.
static PrinterStateReason PrinterStateReason.MARKER_WASTE_FULL
          The device marker supply waste receptacle is full.
static PrinterStateReason PrinterStateReason.MEDIA_EMPTY
          At least one input tray is empty.
static PrinterStateReason PrinterStateReason.MEDIA_JAM
          The device has a media jam.
static PrinterStateReason PrinterStateReason.MEDIA_LOW
          At least one input tray is low on media.
static PrinterStateReason PrinterStateReason.MEDIA_NEEDED
          A tray has run out of media.
static PrinterStateReason PrinterStateReason.MOVING_TO_PAUSED
          Someone has paused the printer, but the device(s) are taking an appreciable time to stop.
static PrinterStateReason PrinterStateReason.OPC_LIFE_OVER
          The optical photo conductor is no longer functioning.
static PrinterStateReason PrinterStateReason.OPC_NEAR_EOL
          The optical photo conductor is near end of life.
static PrinterStateReason PrinterStateReason.OTHER
          The printer has detected an error other than ones listed below.
static PrinterStateReason PrinterStateReason.OUTPUT_AREA_ALMOST_FULL
          One or more output areas are almost full (e.g.
static PrinterStateReason PrinterStateReason.OUTPUT_AREA_FULL
          One or more output areas are full (e.g.
static PrinterStateReason PrinterStateReason.OUTPUT_TRAY_MISSING
          One or more output trays are not in the device.
static PrinterStateReason PrinterStateReason.PAUSED
          Someone has paused the printer and the printer's PrinterState is STOPPED.
static PrinterStateReason PrinterStateReason.SHUTDOWN
          Someone has removed a printer from service, and the device may be powered down or physically removed.
static PrinterStateReason PrinterStateReason.SPOOL_AREA_FULL
          The limit of persistent storage allocated for spooling has been reached.
static PrinterStateReason PrinterStateReason.STOPPED_PARTLY
          When a printer controls more than one output device, this reason indicates that one or more output devices are stopped.
static PrinterStateReason PrinterStateReason.STOPPING
          The printer is in the process of stopping the device and will be stopped in a while.
static PrinterStateReason PrinterStateReason.TIMED_OUT
          The server was able to connect to the output device (or is always connected), but was unable to get a response from the output device.
static PrinterStateReason PrinterStateReason.TONER_EMPTY
          The device is out of toner.
static PrinterStateReason PrinterStateReason.TONER_LOW
          The device is low on toner.

Methods in javax.print.attribute.standard that return types with arguments of type PrinterStateReason
 Set<PrinterStateReason> PrinterStateReasons.printerStateReasonSet(Severity severity)
          Obtain an unmodifiable set view of the individual printer state reason attributes at the given severity level in this PrinterStateReasons attribute.

Methods in javax.print.attribute.standard with parameters of type PrinterStateReason
 Severity PrinterStateReasons.put(PrinterStateReason reason, Severity severity)
          Adds the given printer state reason to this printer state reasons attribute, associating it with the given severity level.

Constructor parameters in javax.print.attribute.standard with type arguments of type PrinterStateReason
PrinterStateReasons(Map<PrinterStateReason,Severity> map)
          Construct a new printer state reasons attribute that contains the same PrinterStateReason-to-Severity mappings as the given map.

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