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javax.sound.sampled Provides interfaces and classes for capture, processing, and playback of sampled audio data. 

Uses of Line in javax.sound.sampled

Subinterfaces of Line in javax.sound.sampled
 interface Clip
          The Clip interface represents a special kind of data line whose audio data can be loaded prior to playback, instead of being streamed in real time.
 interface DataLine
          DataLine adds media-related functionality to its superinterface, Line.
 interface Mixer
          A mixer is an audio device with one or more lines.
 interface Port
          Ports are simple lines for input or output of audio to or from audio devices.
 interface SourceDataLine
          A source data line is a data line to which data may be written.
 interface TargetDataLine
          A target data line is a type of DataLine from which audio data can be read.

Methods in javax.sound.sampled that return Line
 Line LineEvent.getLine()
          Obtains the audio line that is the source of this event.
 Line Mixer.getLine(Line.Info info)
          Obtains a line that is available for use and that matches the description in the specified Line.Info object.
static Line AudioSystem.getLine(Line.Info info)
          Obtains a line that matches the description in the specified Line.Info object.
 Line[] Mixer.getSourceLines()
          Obtains the set of all source lines currently open to this mixer.
 Line[] Mixer.getTargetLines()
          Obtains the set of all target lines currently open from this mixer.

Methods in javax.sound.sampled with parameters of type Line
 boolean Mixer.isSynchronizationSupported(Line[] lines, boolean maintainSync)
          Reports whether this mixer supports synchronization of the specified set of lines.
 void Mixer.synchronize(Line[] lines, boolean maintainSync)
          Synchronizes two or more lines.
 void Mixer.unsynchronize(Line[] lines)
          Releases synchronization for the specified lines.

Constructors in javax.sound.sampled with parameters of type Line
LineEvent(Line line, LineEvent.Type type, long position)
          Constructs a new event of the specified type, originating from the specified line.

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