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public interface XmlReader
extends RowSetReader

A specialized interface that facilitates an extension of the SyncProvider abstract class for XML orientated synchronization providers.

SyncProvider implementations that supply XML data reader capabilities such as output XML stream capabilities can implement this interface to provider standard XmlReader objects to WebRowSet implementations.

An XmlReader object is registered as the XML reader for a WebRowSet by being assigned to the rowset's xmlReader field. When the WebRowSet object's readXml method is invoked, it in turn invokes its XML reader's readXML method.

Method Summary
 void readXML(WebRowSet caller, Reader reader)
          Reads and parses the given WebRowSet object from the given input stream in XML format.
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Method Detail


void readXML(WebRowSet caller,
             Reader reader)
             throws SQLException
Reads and parses the given WebRowSet object from the given input stream in XML format. The xmlReader field of the given WebRowSet object must contain this XmlReader object.

If a parsing error occurs, the exception that is thrown will include information about the location of the error in the original XML document.

caller - the WebRowSet object to be parsed, whose xmlReader field must contain a reference to this XmlReader object
reader - the object from which caller will be read
SQLException - if a database access error occurs or this XmlReader object is not the reader for the given rowset

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