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Packages that use SyncProviderException
javax.sql.rowset Standard interfaces and base classes for JDBC RowSet implementations. 
javax.sql.rowset.spi The standard classes and interfaces that a third party vendor has to use in its implementation of a synchronization provider. 

Uses of SyncProviderException in javax.sql.rowset

Methods in javax.sql.rowset that throw SyncProviderException
 void CachedRowSet.acceptChanges()
          Propagates row update, insert and delete changes made to this CachedRowSet object to the underlying data source.
 void CachedRowSet.acceptChanges(Connection con)
          Propagates all row update, insert and delete changes to the data source backing this CachedRowSet object using the specified Connection object to establish a connection to the data source.

Uses of SyncProviderException in javax.sql.rowset.spi

Methods in javax.sql.rowset.spi that throw SyncProviderException
abstract  int SyncProvider.getDataSourceLock()
          Returns the current data source lock severity level active in this SyncProvider implementation.
abstract  void SyncProvider.setDataSourceLock(int datasource_lock)
          Sets a lock on the underlying data source at the level indicated by datasource_lock.

Java™ Platform
Standard Ed. 6

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