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Standard Ed. 6

Annotation Type XmlJavaTypeAdapters

public @interface XmlJavaTypeAdapters

A container for multiple @XmlJavaTypeAdapter annotations.

Multiple annotations of the same type are not allowed on a program element. This annotation therefore serves as a container annotation for multiple @XmlJavaTypeAdapter as follows:

 @XmlJavaTypeAdapters ({ @XmlJavaTypeAdapter(...),@XmlJavaTypeAdapter(...) })

The @XmlJavaTypeAdapters annnotation is useful for defining XmlJavaTypeAdapter annotations for different types at the package level.

See "Package Specification" in javax.xml.bind.package javadoc for additional common information.

See Also:

Required Element Summary
 XmlJavaTypeAdapter[] value
          Collection of @XmlJavaTypeAdapter annotations

Element Detail


public abstract XmlJavaTypeAdapter[] value
Collection of @XmlJavaTypeAdapter annotations

Java™ Platform
Standard Ed. 6

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