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Uses of Interface

Packages that use XMLCryptoContext
javax.xml.crypto Common classes for XML cryptography. 
javax.xml.crypto.dom DOM-specific classes for the javax.xml.crypto package. 
javax.xml.crypto.dsig Classes for generating and validating XML digital signatures. 
javax.xml.crypto.dsig.dom DOM-specific classes for the javax.xml.crypto.dsig package. 
javax.xml.crypto.dsig.keyinfo Classes for parsing and processing KeyInfo elements and structures. 

Uses of XMLCryptoContext in javax.xml.crypto

Methods in javax.xml.crypto with parameters of type XMLCryptoContext
 Data URIDereferencer.dereference(URIReference uriReference, XMLCryptoContext context)
          Dereferences the specified URIReference and returns the dereferenced data.
abstract  KeySelectorResult keyInfo, KeySelector.Purpose purpose, AlgorithmMethod method, XMLCryptoContext context)
          Attempts to find a key that satisfies the specified constraints.

Uses of XMLCryptoContext in javax.xml.crypto.dom

Classes in javax.xml.crypto.dom that implement XMLCryptoContext
 class DOMCryptoContext
          This class provides a DOM-specific implementation of the XMLCryptoContext interface.

Uses of XMLCryptoContext in javax.xml.crypto.dsig

Subinterfaces of XMLCryptoContext in javax.xml.crypto.dsig
 interface XMLSignContext
          Contains context information for generating XML Signatures.
 interface XMLValidateContext
          Contains context information for validating XML Signatures.

Methods in javax.xml.crypto.dsig with parameters of type XMLCryptoContext
abstract  void TransformService.init(XMLStructure parent, XMLCryptoContext context)
          Initializes this TransformService with the specified parameters and document context.
abstract  void TransformService.marshalParams(XMLStructure parent, XMLCryptoContext context)
          Marshals the algorithm-specific parameters.
 Data Transform.transform(Data data, XMLCryptoContext context)
          Transforms the specified data using the underlying transform algorithm.
 Data Transform.transform(Data data, XMLCryptoContext context, OutputStream os)
          Transforms the specified data using the underlying transform algorithm.

Uses of XMLCryptoContext in javax.xml.crypto.dsig.dom

Classes in javax.xml.crypto.dsig.dom that implement XMLCryptoContext
 class DOMSignContext
          A DOM-specific XMLSignContext.
 class DOMValidateContext
          A DOM-specific XMLValidateContext.

Uses of XMLCryptoContext in javax.xml.crypto.dsig.keyinfo

Methods in javax.xml.crypto.dsig.keyinfo with parameters of type XMLCryptoContext
 Data RetrievalMethod.dereference(XMLCryptoContext context)
          Dereferences the KeyInfo information referenced by this RetrievalMethod and applies the specified Transforms.
 void KeyInfo.marshal(XMLStructure parent, XMLCryptoContext context)
          Marshals the key info to XML.

Java™ Platform
Standard Ed. 6

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