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javax.xml.parsers Provides classes allowing the processing of XML documents. 

Uses of ParserConfigurationException in javax.xml.parsers

Methods in javax.xml.parsers that throw ParserConfigurationException
abstract  boolean SAXParserFactory.getFeature(String name)
          Returns the particular property requested for in the underlying implementation of org.xml.sax.XMLReader.
abstract  boolean DocumentBuilderFactory.getFeature(String name)
          Get the state of the named feature.
abstract  DocumentBuilder DocumentBuilderFactory.newDocumentBuilder()
          Creates a new instance of a DocumentBuilder using the currently configured parameters.
abstract  SAXParser SAXParserFactory.newSAXParser()
          Creates a new instance of a SAXParser using the currently configured factory parameters.
abstract  void SAXParserFactory.setFeature(String name, boolean value)
          Sets the particular feature in the underlying implementation of org.xml.sax.XMLReader.
abstract  void DocumentBuilderFactory.setFeature(String name, boolean value)
          Set a feature for this DocumentBuilderFactory and DocumentBuilders created by this factory.

Java™ Platform
Standard Ed. 6

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