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javax.xml.soap Provides the API for creating and building SOAP messages. 

Uses of Node in javax.xml.soap

Subinterfaces of Node in javax.xml.soap
 interface Detail
          A container for DetailEntry objects.
 interface DetailEntry
          The content for a Detail object, giving details for a SOAPFault object.
 interface SOAPBody
          An object that represents the contents of the SOAP body element in a SOAP message.
 interface SOAPBodyElement
          A SOAPBodyElement object represents the contents in a SOAPBody object.
 interface SOAPElement
          An object representing an element of a SOAP message that is allowed but not specifically prescribed by a SOAP specification.
 interface SOAPEnvelope
          The container for the SOAPHeader and SOAPBody portions of a SOAPPart object.
 interface SOAPFault
          An element in the SOAPBody object that contains error and/or status information.
 interface SOAPFaultElement
          A representation of the contents in a SOAPFault object.
 interface SOAPHeader
          A representation of the SOAP header element.
 interface SOAPHeaderElement
          An object representing the contents in the SOAP header part of the SOAP envelope.
 interface Text
          A representation of a node whose value is text.

Methods in javax.xml.soap that return Node
 Node SAAJResult.getResult()

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