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Packages that use Result
java.sql Provides the API for accessing and processing data stored in a data source (usually a relational database) using the JavaTM programming language. 
javax.xml.bind Provides a runtime binding framework for client applications including unmarshalling, marshalling, and validation capabilities. 
javax.xml.bind.annotation Defines annotations for customizing Java program elements to XML Schema mapping. 
javax.xml.bind.util Useful client utility classes. 
javax.xml.soap Provides the API for creating and building SOAP messages.   
javax.xml.transform This package defines the generic APIs for processing transformation instructions, and performing a transformation from source to result. 
javax.xml.transform.dom This package implements DOM-specific transformation APIs. 
javax.xml.transform.sax This package implements SAX2-specific transformation APIs. 
javax.xml.transform.stax Provides for StAX-specific transformation APIs. This package implements stream- and URI- specific transformation APIs. 
javax.xml.validation This package provides an API for validation of XML documents. 

Uses of Result in java.sql

Methods in java.sql with type parameters of type Result
<T extends Result>
SQLXML.setResult(Class<T> resultClass)
          Returns a Result for setting the XML value designated by this SQLXML instance.

Uses of Result in javax.xml.bind

Methods in javax.xml.bind that return Result
abstract  Result SchemaOutputResolver.createOutput(String namespaceUri, String suggestedFileName)
          Decides where the schema file (of the given namespace URI) will be written, and return it as a Result object.

Methods in javax.xml.bind with parameters of type Result
 void Marshaller.marshal(Object jaxbElement, Result result)
          Marshal the content tree rooted at jaxbElement into the specified javax.xml.transform.Result.

Uses of Result in javax.xml.bind.annotation

Classes in javax.xml.bind.annotation with type parameters of type Result
 interface DomHandler<ElementT,ResultT extends Result>
          Converts an element (and its descendants) from/to DOM (or similar) representation.

Uses of Result in javax.xml.bind.util

Classes in javax.xml.bind.util that implement Result
 class JAXBResult
          JAXP Result implementation that unmarshals a JAXB object.

Uses of Result in javax.xml.soap

Classes in javax.xml.soap that implement Result
 class SAAJResult
          Acts as a holder for the results of a JAXP transformation or a JAXB marshalling, in the form of a SAAJ tree.

Uses of Result in

Methods in with parameters of type Result
abstract  XMLEventWriter XMLOutputFactory.createXMLEventWriter(Result result)
          Create a new XMLEventWriter that writes to a JAXP result.
abstract  XMLStreamWriter XMLOutputFactory.createXMLStreamWriter(Result result)
          Create a new XMLStreamWriter that writes to a JAXP result.

Uses of Result in javax.xml.transform

Methods in javax.xml.transform with parameters of type Result
abstract  void Transformer.transform(Source xmlSource, Result outputTarget)
          Transform the XML Source to a Result.

Uses of Result in javax.xml.transform.dom

Classes in javax.xml.transform.dom that implement Result
 class DOMResult
          Acts as a holder for a transformation result tree in the form of a Document Object Model (DOM) tree.

Uses of Result in javax.xml.transform.sax

Classes in javax.xml.transform.sax that implement Result
 class SAXResult
          Acts as an holder for a transformation Result.

Methods in javax.xml.transform.sax with parameters of type Result
 void TransformerHandler.setResult(Result result)
          Set the Result associated with this TransformerHandler to be used for the transformation.

Uses of Result in javax.xml.transform.stax

Classes in javax.xml.transform.stax that implement Result
 class StAXResult
          Acts as a holder for an XML Result in the form of a StAX writer,i.e.

Uses of Result in

Classes in that implement Result
 class StreamResult
          Acts as an holder for a transformation result, which may be XML, plain Text, HTML, or some other form of markup.

Uses of Result in javax.xml.validation

Methods in javax.xml.validation with parameters of type Result
abstract  void Validator.validate(Source source, Result result)
          Validates the specified input and send the augmented validation result to the specified output.

Java™ Platform
Standard Ed. 6

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