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Packages that use InvokeHandler
javax.rmi.CORBA Contains portability APIs for RMI-IIOP. 
org.omg.CosNaming Provides a naming service for Java IDL. 
org.omg.PortableServer Provides classes and interfaces for making the server side of your applications portable across multivendor ORBs. 

Uses of InvokeHandler in javax.rmi.CORBA

Subinterfaces of InvokeHandler in javax.rmi.CORBA
 interface Tie
          Defines methods which all RMI-IIOP server side ties must implement.

Uses of InvokeHandler in org.omg.CosNaming

Classes in org.omg.CosNaming that implement InvokeHandler
 class BindingIteratorPOA
          The BindingIterator interface allows a client to iterate through the bindings using the next_one or next_n operations.
 class NamingContextExtPOA
          NamingContextExt is the extension of NamingContext which contains a set of name bindings in which each name is unique and is part of Interoperable Naming Service.
 class NamingContextPOA
          A naming context is an object that contains a set of name bindings in which each name is unique.

Uses of InvokeHandler in org.omg.PortableServer

Classes in org.omg.PortableServer that implement InvokeHandler
 class ServantActivatorPOA
          When the POA has the RETAIN policy it uses servant managers that are ServantActivators.
 class ServantLocatorPOA
          When the POA has the NON_RETAIN policy it uses servant managers that are ServantLocators.

Java™ Platform
Standard Ed. 6

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