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Packages that use OutputStream
javax.rmi.CORBA Contains portability APIs for RMI-IIOP. 
org.omg.CORBA Provides the mapping of the OMG CORBA APIs to the JavaTM programming language, including the class ORB, which is implemented so that a programmer can use it as a fully-functional Object Request Broker (ORB). 
org.omg.CORBA_2_3.portable Provides methods for the input and output of value types, and contains other updates to the org/omg/CORBA/portable package. 
org.omg.CORBA.portable Provides a portability layer, that is, a set of ORB APIs that makes it possible for code generated by one vendor to run on another vendor's ORB. 
org.omg.CosNaming Provides a naming service for Java IDL. 
org.omg.CosNaming.NamingContextExtPackage This package contains the following classes, which are used in org.omg.CosNaming.NamingContextExt
org.omg.CosNaming.NamingContextPackage This package contains Exception classes for the org.omg.CosNaming package. 
org.omg.DynamicAny Provides classes and interfaces that enable traversal of the data value associated with an any at runtime, and extraction of the primitive constituents of the data value. 
org.omg.DynamicAny.DynAnyFactoryPackage This package contains classes and exceptions from the DynAnyFactory interface of the DynamicAny module specified in the OMG The Common Object Request Broker: Architecture and Specification,, section 9.2.2. 
org.omg.DynamicAny.DynAnyPackage This package contains classes and exceptions from the DynAny interface of the DynamicAny module specified in the OMG The Common Object Request Broker: Architecture and Specification,, section 9.2. 
org.omg.IOP This package contains the IOP module specified in the OMG document The Common Object Request Broker: Architecture and Specification,, section 13.6. 
org.omg.IOP.CodecFactoryPackage This package contains the exceptions specified in the IOP::CodeFactory interface (as part of the Portable Interceptors spec). 
org.omg.IOP.CodecPackage This package is generated from the IOP::Codec IDL interface definition. 
org.omg.Messaging This package contains the Messaging module specified in the OMG CORBA Messaging specification,
org.omg.PortableInterceptor Provides a mechanism to register ORB hooks through which ORB services can intercept the normal flow of execution of the ORB. 
org.omg.PortableInterceptor.ORBInitInfoPackage This package contains the exceptions and typedefs from the ORBInitInfo local interface of the PortableInterceptor module specified in the OMG Portable Interceptor specification,, section 21.7.2. 
org.omg.PortableServer Provides classes and interfaces for making the server side of your applications portable across multivendor ORBs. 
org.omg.PortableServer.CurrentPackage Provides method implementations with access to the identity of the object on which the method was invoked. 
org.omg.PortableServer.POAManagerPackage Encapsulates the processing state of the POAs it is associated with. 
org.omg.PortableServer.POAPackage Allows programmers to construct object implementations that are portable between different ORB products. 
org.omg.PortableServer.ServantLocatorPackage Provides classes and interfaces for locating the servant. 

Uses of OutputStream in javax.rmi.CORBA

Methods in javax.rmi.CORBA with parameters of type OutputStream
 void UtilDelegate.writeAbstractObject(OutputStream out, Object obj)
          Delegation call for Util.writeAbstractObject(org.omg.CORBA.portable.OutputStream, java.lang.Object).
static void Util.writeAbstractObject(OutputStream out, Object obj)
          Writes a java.lang.Object as either a value or a CORBA Object.
 void UtilDelegate.writeAny(OutputStream out, Object obj)
          Delegation call for Util.writeAny(org.omg.CORBA.portable.OutputStream, java.lang.Object).
static void Util.writeAny(OutputStream out, Object obj)
          Writes any java.lang.Object as a CORBA any.
 void UtilDelegate.writeRemoteObject(OutputStream out, Object obj)
          Delegation call for Util.writeRemoteObject(org.omg.CORBA.portable.OutputStream, java.lang.Object).
static void Util.writeRemoteObject(OutputStream out, Object obj)
          Writes a java.lang.Object as a CORBA Object.
 void ValueHandler.writeValue(OutputStream out, Serializable value)
          Writes a value to the stream using Java semantics.
 void ValueHandlerMultiFormat.writeValue(OutputStream out, Serializable value, byte streamFormatVersion)
          Allows the ORB to pass the stream format version for RMI/IDL custom value types.

Uses of OutputStream in org.omg.CORBA

Methods in org.omg.CORBA that return OutputStream
 OutputStream LocalObject._request(String operation, boolean responseExpected)
          Throws an org.omg.CORBA.NO_IMPLEMENT exception with the message "This is a locally constrained object." This method is the default implementation of the org.omg.CORBA.Object method.
abstract  OutputStream Any.create_output_stream()
          Creates an output stream into which this Any object's value can be marshalled.
abstract  OutputStream ORB.create_output_stream()
          Creates a new org.omg.CORBA.portable.OutputStream into which IDL method parameters can be marshalled during method invocation.

Methods in org.omg.CORBA with parameters of type OutputStream
 InputStream LocalObject._invoke(OutputStream output)
          Throws an org.omg.CORBA.NO_IMPLEMENT exception with the message "This is a locally constrained object." This method is the default implementation of the org.omg.CORBA.Object method.
 void WrongTransactionHolder._write(OutputStream o)
 void WStringSeqHolder._write(OutputStream o)
 void UnknownUserExceptionHolder._write(OutputStream o)
 void StringSeqHolder._write(OutputStream o)
 void PolicyErrorHolder._write(OutputStream o)
 void ParameterModeHolder._write(OutputStream o)
 void ValueBaseHolder._write(OutputStream output)
          Marshals to output the value in the Holder.
 void PolicyListHolder._write(OutputStream o)
 void PolicyHolder._write(OutputStream o)
 void DoubleSeqHolder._write(OutputStream o)
 void FloatSeqHolder._write(OutputStream o)
 void LongLongSeqHolder._write(OutputStream o)
 void ULongLongSeqHolder._write(OutputStream o)
 void ULongSeqHolder._write(OutputStream o)
 void LongSeqHolder._write(OutputStream o)
 void UShortSeqHolder._write(OutputStream o)
 void ShortSeqHolder._write(OutputStream o)
 void OctetSeqHolder._write(OutputStream o)
 void WCharSeqHolder._write(OutputStream o)
 void CurrentHolder._write(OutputStream o)
 void CharSeqHolder._write(OutputStream o)
 void BooleanSeqHolder._write(OutputStream o)
 void AnySeqHolder._write(OutputStream o)
 void TypeCodeHolder._write(OutputStream output)
          Marshals to output the value in this TypeCodeHolder object.
 void StringHolder._write(OutputStream output)
          Marshals the value held by this StringHolder object to the output stream output.
 void ShortHolder._write(OutputStream output)
          Marshals to output the value in this ShortHolder object.
 void PrincipalHolder._write(OutputStream output)
 void ObjectHolder._write(OutputStream output)
          Marshals to output the value in this ObjectHolder object.
 void LongHolder._write(OutputStream output)
          Marshals to output the value in the Holder.
 void IntHolder._write(OutputStream output)
          Marshals the value in this IntHolder object's value field to the output stream output.
 void FloatHolder._write(OutputStream output)
          Write the float value into an output stream.
 void FixedHolder._write(OutputStream output)
          Write the fixed point value stored in this holder to an OutputStream.
 void DoubleHolder._write(OutputStream output)
          Write the double value stored in this holder to an OutputStream.
 void CharHolder._write(OutputStream output)
          Marshals to output the value in this CharHolder object.
 void ByteHolder._write(OutputStream output)
          Marshals to output the value in this ByteHolder object.
 void BooleanHolder._write(OutputStream output)
          Marshals the value in this BooleanHolder object's value field to the output stream output.
 void AnyHolder._write(OutputStream output)
          Marshals to output the value in this AnyHolder object.
 void ServiceInformationHolder._write(OutputStream out)
          Marshals the value in this ServiceInformationHolder object's value field to the output stream out.
abstract  void Any.write_value(OutputStream os)
          Writes out the value of this Any object to the given output stream.
 void WStringValueHelper.write_value(OutputStream ostream, Serializable value)
 void StringValueHelper.write_value(OutputStream ostream, Serializable value)
static void AnySeqHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, Any[] value)
static void BooleanSeqHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, boolean[] value)
static void OctetSeqHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, byte[] value)
static void WCharSeqHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, char[] value)
static void CharSeqHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, char[] value)
static void CompletionStatusHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, CompletionStatus value)
static void CurrentHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, Current value)
static void DefinitionKindHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, DefinitionKind value)
static void DoubleSeqHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, double[] value)
static void FloatSeqHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, float[] value)
static void IDLTypeHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, IDLType value)
static void PolicyTypeHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, int value)
static void ULongSeqHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, int[] value)
static void LongSeqHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, int[] value)
static void ULongLongSeqHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, long[] value)
static void LongLongSeqHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, long[] value)
static void NameValuePairHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, NameValuePair value)
static void ObjectHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, Object value)
static void ParameterModeHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, ParameterMode value)
static void PolicyHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, Policy value)
static void PolicyListHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, Policy[] value)
static void PolicyErrorHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, PolicyError value)
static void ValueBaseHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, Serializable value)
static void ServiceDetailHelper.write(OutputStream out, ServiceDetail that)
static void ServiceInformationHelper.write(OutputStream out, ServiceInformation that)
static void SetOverrideTypeHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, SetOverrideType value)
static void PolicyErrorCodeHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, short value)
static void VisibilityHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, short value)
static void UShortSeqHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, short[] value)
static void ShortSeqHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, short[] value)
static void WStringValueHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, String value)
static void VersionSpecHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, String value)
static void StringValueHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, String value)
static void RepositoryIdHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, String value)
static void IdentifierHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, String value)
static void FieldNameHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, String value)
static void WStringSeqHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, String[] value)
static void StringSeqHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, String[] value)
static void StructMemberHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, StructMember value)
static void UnionMemberHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, UnionMember value)
static void UnknownUserExceptionHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, UnknownUserException value)
static void ValueMemberHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, ValueMember value)
static void WrongTransactionHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, WrongTransaction value)

Uses of OutputStream in org.omg.CORBA_2_3.portable

Subclasses of OutputStream in org.omg.CORBA_2_3.portable
 class OutputStream
          OutputStream provides interface for writing of all of the mapped IDL type to the stream.

Uses of OutputStream in org.omg.CORBA.portable

Methods in org.omg.CORBA.portable that return OutputStream
 OutputStream InvokeHandler._invoke(String method, InputStream input, ResponseHandler handler)
          Invoked by the ORB to dispatch a request to the servant.
 OutputStream ObjectImpl._request(String operation, boolean responseExpected)
          Returns an OutputStream object to use for marshalling the arguments of the given method.
 OutputStream ResponseHandler.createExceptionReply()
          Called by the servant during a method invocation.
 OutputStream ResponseHandler.createReply()
          Called by the servant during a method invocation.
 OutputStream Delegate.request(Object self, String operation, boolean responseExpected)
          request is called by a stub to obtain an OutputStream for marshaling arguments.

Methods in org.omg.CORBA.portable with parameters of type OutputStream
 InputStream ObjectImpl._invoke(OutputStream output)
          Invokes an operation and returns an InputStream object for reading the response.
 void Streamable._write(OutputStream ostream)
          Marshals to ostream the value in the value field of the Holder.
 InputStream Delegate.invoke(Object self, OutputStream output)
          invoke is called by a stub to invoke an operation.
 void BoxedValueHelper.write_value(OutputStream os, Serializable value)

Uses of OutputStream in org.omg.CosNaming

Methods in org.omg.CosNaming that return OutputStream
 OutputStream NamingContextExtPOA._invoke(String $method, InputStream in, ResponseHandler $rh)
 OutputStream NamingContextPOA._invoke(String $method, InputStream in, ResponseHandler $rh)
 OutputStream BindingIteratorPOA._invoke(String $method, InputStream in, ResponseHandler $rh)

Methods in org.omg.CosNaming with parameters of type OutputStream
 void NamingContextExtHolder._write(OutputStream o)
 void NamingContextHolder._write(OutputStream o)
 void NameHolder._write(OutputStream o)
 void NameComponentHolder._write(OutputStream o)
 void BindingTypeHolder._write(OutputStream o)
 void BindingIteratorHolder._write(OutputStream o)
 void BindingListHolder._write(OutputStream o)
 void BindingHolder._write(OutputStream o)
static void BindingHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, Binding value)
static void BindingListHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, Binding[] value)
static void BindingIteratorHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, BindingIterator value)
static void BindingTypeHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, BindingType value)
static void NameComponentHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, NameComponent value)
static void NameHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, NameComponent[] value)
static void NamingContextHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, NamingContext value)
static void NamingContextExtHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, NamingContextExt value)
static void IstringHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, String value)

Uses of OutputStream in org.omg.CosNaming.NamingContextExtPackage

Methods in org.omg.CosNaming.NamingContextExtPackage with parameters of type OutputStream
 void InvalidAddressHolder._write(OutputStream o)
static void InvalidAddressHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, InvalidAddress value)
static void URLStringHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, String value)
static void StringNameHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, String value)
static void AddressHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, String value)

Uses of OutputStream in org.omg.CosNaming.NamingContextPackage

Methods in org.omg.CosNaming.NamingContextPackage with parameters of type OutputStream
 void NotFoundReasonHolder._write(OutputStream o)
 void NotFoundHolder._write(OutputStream o)
 void NotEmptyHolder._write(OutputStream o)
 void InvalidNameHolder._write(OutputStream o)
 void CannotProceedHolder._write(OutputStream o)
 void AlreadyBoundHolder._write(OutputStream o)
static void AlreadyBoundHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, AlreadyBound value)
static void CannotProceedHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, CannotProceed value)
static void InvalidNameHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, InvalidName value)
static void NotEmptyHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, NotEmpty value)
static void NotFoundHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, NotFound value)
static void NotFoundReasonHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, NotFoundReason value)

Uses of OutputStream in org.omg.DynamicAny

Methods in org.omg.DynamicAny with parameters of type OutputStream
static void AnySeqHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, Any[] value)
static void DynAnyHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, DynAny value)
static void DynAnySeqHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, DynAny[] value)
static void DynAnyFactoryHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, DynAnyFactory value)
static void DynArrayHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, DynArray value)
static void DynEnumHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, DynEnum value)
static void DynFixedHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, DynFixed value)
static void DynSequenceHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, DynSequence value)
static void DynStructHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, DynStruct value)
static void DynUnionHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, DynUnion value)
static void DynValueHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, DynValue value)
static void NameDynAnyPairHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, NameDynAnyPair value)
static void NameDynAnyPairSeqHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, NameDynAnyPair[] value)
static void NameValuePairHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, NameValuePair value)
static void NameValuePairSeqHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, NameValuePair[] value)
static void FieldNameHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, String value)

Uses of OutputStream in org.omg.DynamicAny.DynAnyFactoryPackage

Methods in org.omg.DynamicAny.DynAnyFactoryPackage with parameters of type OutputStream
static void InconsistentTypeCodeHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, InconsistentTypeCode value)

Uses of OutputStream in org.omg.DynamicAny.DynAnyPackage

Methods in org.omg.DynamicAny.DynAnyPackage with parameters of type OutputStream
static void InvalidValueHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, InvalidValue value)
static void TypeMismatchHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, TypeMismatch value)

Uses of OutputStream in org.omg.IOP

Methods in org.omg.IOP with parameters of type OutputStream
 void TaggedProfileHolder._write(OutputStream o)
 void TaggedComponentHolder._write(OutputStream o)
 void ServiceContextListHolder._write(OutputStream o)
 void ServiceContextHolder._write(OutputStream o)
 void MultipleComponentProfileHolder._write(OutputStream o)
 void IORHolder._write(OutputStream o)
static void CodecFactoryHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, CodecFactory value)
static void ServiceIdHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, int value)
static void ProfileIdHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, int value)
static void ComponentIdHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, int value)
static void IORHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, IOR value)
static void ServiceContextHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, ServiceContext value)
static void ServiceContextListHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, ServiceContext[] value)
static void TaggedComponentHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, TaggedComponent value)
static void MultipleComponentProfileHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, TaggedComponent[] value)
static void TaggedProfileHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, TaggedProfile value)

Uses of OutputStream in org.omg.IOP.CodecFactoryPackage

Methods in org.omg.IOP.CodecFactoryPackage with parameters of type OutputStream
static void UnknownEncodingHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, UnknownEncoding value)

Uses of OutputStream in org.omg.IOP.CodecPackage

Methods in org.omg.IOP.CodecPackage with parameters of type OutputStream
static void FormatMismatchHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, FormatMismatch value)
static void InvalidTypeForEncodingHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, InvalidTypeForEncoding value)
static void TypeMismatchHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, TypeMismatch value)

Uses of OutputStream in org.omg.Messaging

Methods in org.omg.Messaging with parameters of type OutputStream
static void SyncScopeHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, short value)

Uses of OutputStream in org.omg.PortableInterceptor

Methods in org.omg.PortableInterceptor with parameters of type OutputStream
 void ObjectReferenceTemplateSeqHolder._write(OutputStream o)
 void ObjectReferenceTemplateHolder._write(OutputStream o)
 void ObjectReferenceFactoryHolder._write(OutputStream o)
 void IORInterceptor_3_0Holder._write(OutputStream o)
static void ObjectIdHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, byte[] value)
static void CurrentHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, Current value)
static void ForwardRequestHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, ForwardRequest value)
static void AdapterManagerIdHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, int value)
static void InvalidSlotHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, InvalidSlot value)
static void IORInterceptor_3_0Helper.write(OutputStream ostream, IORInterceptor_3_0 value)
static void ObjectReferenceFactoryHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, ObjectReferenceFactory value)
static void ObjectReferenceTemplateHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, ObjectReferenceTemplate value)
static void ObjectReferenceTemplateSeqHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, ObjectReferenceTemplate[] value)
static void AdapterStateHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, short value)
static void ServerIdHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, String value)
static void ORBIdHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, String value)
static void AdapterNameHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, String[] value)

Uses of OutputStream in org.omg.PortableInterceptor.ORBInitInfoPackage

Methods in org.omg.PortableInterceptor.ORBInitInfoPackage with parameters of type OutputStream
static void DuplicateNameHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, DuplicateName value)
static void InvalidNameHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, InvalidName value)
static void ObjectIdHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, String value)

Uses of OutputStream in org.omg.PortableServer

Methods in org.omg.PortableServer that return OutputStream
 OutputStream ServantLocatorPOA._invoke(String $method, InputStream in, ResponseHandler $rh)
 OutputStream ServantActivatorPOA._invoke(String $method, InputStream in, ResponseHandler $rh)

Methods in org.omg.PortableServer with parameters of type OutputStream
static void CurrentHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, Current value)
static void ForwardRequestHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, ForwardRequest value)
static void POAHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, POA value)
static void ServantActivatorHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, ServantActivator value)
static void ServantLocatorHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, ServantLocator value)

Uses of OutputStream in org.omg.PortableServer.CurrentPackage

Methods in org.omg.PortableServer.CurrentPackage with parameters of type OutputStream
static void NoContextHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, NoContext value)

Uses of OutputStream in org.omg.PortableServer.POAManagerPackage

Methods in org.omg.PortableServer.POAManagerPackage with parameters of type OutputStream
static void AdapterInactiveHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, AdapterInactive value)

Uses of OutputStream in org.omg.PortableServer.POAPackage

Methods in org.omg.PortableServer.POAPackage with parameters of type OutputStream
static void AdapterAlreadyExistsHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, AdapterAlreadyExists value)
static void AdapterNonExistentHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, AdapterNonExistent value)
static void InvalidPolicyHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, InvalidPolicy value)
static void NoServantHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, NoServant value)
static void ObjectAlreadyActiveHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, ObjectAlreadyActive value)
static void ObjectNotActiveHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, ObjectNotActive value)
static void ServantAlreadyActiveHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, ServantAlreadyActive value)
static void ServantNotActiveHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, ServantNotActive value)
static void WrongAdapterHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, WrongAdapter value)
static void WrongPolicyHelper.write(OutputStream ostream, WrongPolicy value)

Uses of OutputStream in org.omg.PortableServer.ServantLocatorPackage

Methods in org.omg.PortableServer.ServantLocatorPackage with parameters of type OutputStream
 void CookieHolder._write(OutputStream os)

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