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org/omg/IOP/ . Generated by the IDL-to-Java compiler (portable), version "3.2" from ../../../../src/share/classes/org/omg/PortableInterceptor/IOP.idl Wednesday, November 29, 2006 1:57:22 AM GMT-08:00

Field Summary
static int value
          RMI-IIOP has multiple stream format versions.

Field Detail


static final int value
RMI-IIOP has multiple stream format versions. A server can specify its maximum version by including the TAG_RMI_CUSTOM_MAX_STREAM_FORMAT tagged component or rely on the default of version 1 for GIOP 1.2 and less and version 2 for GIOP 1.3 and higher. See Java to IDL ptc/02-01-12 1.4.11.

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